It’s no secret that Italy is one of the most magical destinations on earth. The region boasts an astounding mix of natural and man made beauty. Italian culture is steeped in unbelievable food, history, art, and food (did I mention the food?). More than that, the people exude a familial warmth that is unlike anything else you’ll find. An Italy destination wedding is something you’ll never forget.


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It’s no surprise this makes Italy perfect for unforgettable destination weddings or elopements. The country has something for every taste. From amazing beaches, to snow capped mountains. Crystal clear lakes, and sun drenched vineyards. There’s is no shortage of natural beauty. It’s the way man made structures interact with nature, that makes Italy extra special.

 Cinque Terre, Venice, Sardinia, Sorrento, Rome, Florence, Verona, and Siena come to mind. You can step back in time, whether it be in a big city or a small village. Most of these landscapes are not too far away from each other and often overlap. This gives you endless possibilities for wonderful Italy destination wedding backdrops. It’s very easy to hop on a train and be in a completely different region in an hour or two.  

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There’s more opportunities to experience different climates and seasons than one might expect. Couples can even pick between snow, sunshine, fall foliage, or spring wildflowers. For example, you might consider a winter wedding in the Italian Alps. That way, your Italy destination wedding would stand out from most!

Something for every taste

Besides all the eye candy that Italy provides, it’s also known for its warm and friendly people. The further from the tourist hotbeds, the more you can immerse yourself in local flavors. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing a regional destination that is less well known. Look into the Umbria region instead of Tuscany or Piedmont’s alpine lakes instead of Como. The Southeast regions like Puglia are particularly undervalued by tourist. They have a lot to offer though!


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Whether an adventure elopement or lavish wedding, Italy is a perfect destination. I’d love to learn about your vision and tell your story in a way that stands out from the rest!


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